Proclamation—Recognizing Korean War Remembrance Day June 25, 2012

Proclamation—Recognizing Korean War Remembrance Day June 25, 2012

Clallam County Commissioners June 19, 2012
Howard V Doherty, Jr., Chair
Jim McEntire
Michael C. Chapman


Pictured are:

Mary Reed—-First Lieutenant Army Nurse Corp.
Charles Gagnon—Quartermaster US Navy
Gerald Rettela  Staff Sargent  US Army Military
Donald Clayton  US Marine Corp.
Col. Don Roberts -US Army—-Korean war,  2nd World War and Viet Nam

(Photos by Lois Krafsky-Perry)




June 25, 2012

WHEREAS, The Korean War erupted on June 25, 1950 when the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Army (NPRK-North Korea) invaded the Republic of South Korea (ROK); and

WHEREAS, between June 25 and December 31, 1950,  22,789 US personnel were killed in action,  28,634 were wounded in action, 8,177 missing in action (MIA) and 2,701 died as prisoners of war (POW); and

WHEREAS, battles taking place between June 25 and December 31, 1950 were:  Anju, Bowling Alley, Chonggoko, Chosin Reservoir, Chungju, Chonan, Fungchilin Pass, Han River, Hadong, Hagaru, Hongdam, Hungnam,
Hamhung, Inchon, Kum River, Kunsang, Kunu-ri, Koto-ri, Mason, Nakton-Bulge/Perimeter, Osan, Pusan Perimeter, Pyongang, Sunchon, Sukchow, Sinuju, Suwon, Taejon, Taegu, Usan and Youngsan, and

WHEREAS,  the truce was signed two and a half years later.  The war tenuously ended on July 27, 1953, leaving 33,629 dead with over 2,000 killed during the conflict period following the truce; and

WHEREAS, over 4,000 men died in the prison camps due to frostbite, insect infections, chronic dysentery, pneumonia, acute diarrhea, beriberi, pellagra, starvation, atrocity, and resperitory infections;

WHEREAS, over 4,000 prisoners of war were returned in August 1953 from prison camps at Paks Palace, Kanegge, Sambakol, Changsong, Pyoktong, Chonma, Pukchin, Teksil-li, Suan, and Pongyang,, North Korea; and

WHEREAS, more than 6 million Americans served during the Korean War-122,000 from Washington State; 528 Washington State residents and 6 Clallam County residents were killed in action between 1950 and
1953; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT PROCLAIMED the Board of Clallam County Commissioners hereby declare June 25, 2012 as Korean War Remembrance Day and urge all citizens to join in remembering the thousands of Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice during and after the Korean War.

Signed this nineteenth day of June 2012


Howard V. Doherty, Jr., Chair

Jim McEntire

Michael C. Chapman