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Questions raised to Ecology about scientific basis for shoreline “protection”

Posted 7/11/2012

by Pearl Rains Hewett

I submit  this as my SMP comment

With questions directed to

Clallam County DOE Shoreline Specialist Jefferee Stewart

Pearl Rains Hewett Trustee

George C. Rains Estate

Member SMP Advisory Committee

This email is my legal WRITTEN request for WRITTEN answers to my questions from DOE Jeffree Steward and/or, Paula Ehlers and/or Gordon White.

DOE represesentatives have consistently ignored written questions, on WRIA 17-19 SHORELINE INVENTORY AND CHARACTERISTICS REPORT, and The Clallam County SMP Update, asked and requested on the SMP public  comment section on the Clallam County SMP Update wesite.

Jeffree Stewart informed me yesterday 7/10/12 (in front of Steve Gray) that if I want answers to  questions I would have to send him a letter of request. Emails are a legal form of communication.

My other option is DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY REQUEST FOR PUBLIC RECORD  I have the form filled out and ready to email.

I am requesting answers to the following questions to comply with the core principles of Due Process.

DOE SMP taking of private property in Clallam County. Continue reading

DOE SMP PUBLIC SMP COMMENTS FROM 5/31/11 #100 TO 7/02/12 #284



Available on Clallam County SMP website.

All public comments are subject to Public Disclosure.

I will complete the comments on #1 to #99 and document the pros and cons.

Pearl Rains Hewett

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Citizens speak out against DOE “Rule” to govern water

Posted June 30,2012

Sequim, WA – On June 28, 2012, the Washington State Department of Ecology offered citizens a chance to speak out – as required by law – about the proposed Rule to meter wells and require mitigation fees, among other aspects of their plan.  Approximately 300 citizens showed up.  You can read the full story at the Citizen Review Online – Click here: