SMP Testimony: Drift Cells, Littoral Drift, and Feeder Bluffs

Drift Cells, Littoral Drift, and Feeder Bluffs
The DoE has a Construct that they are using to impose NNL along the marine shorelines. It uses Drift Cells and Littoral Drift as excuses to take away private use and protections of private property. This has to do with ‘feeder bluffs’, bluff erosion which adds to the sand that moves up and down the beaches. Drift Cells have to do with sandy & rocky beaches between major points extending into the marine waters, usually these are solid rock masses. Littoral drift has to do with sand movement. The sand movement considers primarily the sand movement in the shoreline area. I have attended several hours of the DoE expert pontificating and presenting a highly technical, extremely detailed data collection on an issue that is immaterial in the big picture of things; it is a mere distraction. The bottom line is: We are so in awe of this ‘NEW SCIENCE’ that we ignore the fact that this is a pretext for transferring power and rights to use of our private property to the Government in order to save the planet.
I have an extremely strong background in science and am an amateur geologist as well as a Rock Hound. I have spent hundreds of hours studying the rocks of the Peninsula and on the beaches of the Straits and Pacific Ocean studying the tectonic and glacial bluffs and rock movement on the beaches. One heavy wind with the right wave harmonics, a storm surge, one torrential rain with saturated ground and with a heavy snow pack, a very large calving or bluff collapse, tsunami or earth quake would make all of this extensive data paid for with $100,000’s of our money immaterial overnight. If one eliminated the County Planning department and there were no regulation, it would not make any change in whether a spit forms or is eroded away by the fickeled powers of Nature. The Drift Cells are the equivalent of defining a famous painting by just depicting a blank canvas with the horizon line. It is an infinitesimally insignificant collection of overwrought data so narrowly focused as to make it irrelevant. We are supposed to give up our Constitutional protection in favor of putting our faith in this ’false religion’/ this precautionary delusion/ this overreaching incompetent governmental agency. The Drift Cells, Littoral Drift, and Feeder Bluffs Construct are so much BS/Smoke and Mirrors. The construct of Drift Cells, Littoral Drift, and Feeder Bluffs would make a great subject an PhD thesis in the field of environmental studies. Giving this DoE Construct the power of law by our elected officials is like giving your car keys to an 8 year old or playing the Jew’s harp by a child during during the metropolitan opera. It is more loony insanity being foisted on the Citizens of the State of Washington by a Government that is out of control.
This ‘New (false) Science’ is a bastard construct of politics crossed with science. It is a perversion of what appears to be a legitimate cause. It is the construct of calculating globalists (Authoritarians) promoted by the gullible Earth Worshipers (Authoritarian Followers). For the Authoritarian Followers this is the ideal marriage, the union of (false) religion and State.
NNL and 200’ buffers need to be rejected out of hand. It is contrary to the principals of the Washington State Constitution and the best interest of the Citizens.
Dr. Karl Spees – Recipient of the Freshman Chemistry Award and the Senior Science Award from Emory and Henry College. Lifetime Student of Natural History and Amateur Geologist. Concerned Citizen

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