Ltr. to the Editor – War on Energy Supply- 5/6/11

Letter to the Editor / War on Energy Supply                                             5/6/11

Obama, Pelosi, Gregoire, and the leftists are at war with our energy supply. During a time of artificially rising oil prices, the Obama regime has shutdown drilling of our own domestic oil. (Gasoline prices are skyrocketing.) Madame Gregoire has just announced the State will shut down its last clean-technology, coal-fired generator in Chehalis, WA. (Our electricity rates are going up.) Norm Dicks with Republican help and the Left are removing the clean renewable energy production of the Elwha Dams. Affordable energy is the engine of our economic prosperity.

All of this is part of the ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) plan for a one-world-order and total control of every aspect of our lives. It is based on the false-science of CO2 (carbon dioxide) causing global warming. This is the BIG LIE. CO2 has a minimal roll as a greenhouse gas. (By far water vapor is the predominant greenhouse gas.) CO2 molecules are the building blocks of plants. CO2 is an absolutely essential atmospheric gas (1/20 of 1%) .

The BIG LIE is told repeatedly in the mainstream media. Other than for entertainment, why believe much of anything coming out of these Leftist ‘mouthpieces‘. We the silent majority need to educate ourselves and speak-up against these things before it is too late.

Author’s Comment: Many of my letters include a recurrent theme of the bias and deceit of Main Stream Media (MSM).  I left out name-dropping UN Agenda 21 and  ‘Sustainability’. One can only do so much with a 250 word limit.  Sustainability is a good concept but it has been  perverted to mean: Citizens are too stupid to make their own choices. They need an elite global authoritarian government to do this for them.

Karl Spees – Author

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