Earth Worship Science/ Magical Thinking 2/15/11

Earth Worship Science/ Magical Thinking 2/15/11

Earth worship science and a new State religion of saving the planet are being imposed on ‘we the people’. This radical environmental/political agenda can be identified in multiple areas but perhaps one of the most outrageous areas is the removal of the Elwha lakes and dams. The Elwha dam infrastructures are sources of revenue, clean renewable energy, unique wildlife habitat, recreation opportunities, flood control, drought relief, and water storage. Earth worship science claims ‘freeing the river will restore the lost salmon stocks’. In reality removing the dams threatens the remnant Elwha Chinook salmon stocks and siltation will degrade the remaining lower Elwha salmon habitat for years. Science would have helped accountable policymakers decide to put-in fish ladders, replace the aging turbines, and quit gill netting the remaining salmon stocks at the river’s mouth. The prospects of this insane policy benefiting the people of the County are minimal.

There are many areas this scandalous decision is creating a domino effect. Precious resources are motivating local schools, our community college, the ONP staff, leaders of civic groups, the tribes, and the local paper who are feverishly farding lipstick on this pig. Instead of our education system teaching critical thinking, complex reasoning, and coherent expression, our young adults are being indoctrinated in the earth worship science and grandiose utopian religion of saving the planet. We and our children are competing in a global economy. All of this magical thinking and political activism are self-destructive and teaching bad lessons.

The celebration of the Elwha dam removal with public money is just doubling down on stupid. For the sake of our Constitutional Republic we need to put the brakes on this redistribution of wealth, taxing, and spending.

Author’s Comment: Farding is an interesting word.  It means to apply makeup.

Paul Gottlieb the Peninsula Voices editor is infamous for allowing ‘Liberal Comments’ publication without obstruction;  For ‘Conservative Comments’ he places artificial barriers and hurdles to the public access of his Pen Voices PDN Section.  It is extremely frustrating to have to engage in debate with an opponent who not only is the opposition but the referee.  “feverishly farding lipstick on a pig” has a cadence and playful nature to it, that Paul summarily changed. :  (
They are supposed to be letters ‘to the editor’, not letters ‘from the editor’.

Karl Spees – Author

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