Comment on the SMP Draft Update

Pearl Rains Hewett Trustee

George C. Rains Sr. Estate

Member SMP Committee

 Posted 12/1/2012

(Comment – Notice all the “shalls”… Ed.)

4.4 Mitigation and No Net Loss

 Compensatory mitigation plans shall be prepared by qualified professionals with education, training and experience in the applicable field:


4.4.3 Regulations – General Mitigation Requirements

1. Proponents of new shoreline use and development, including preferred uses and uses that are exempt from permit requirements, shall employ all reasonable measures to mitigate adverse impacts on shoreline functions and processes.


 Impacts can be mitigated if mitigation measures would not result in an extraordinary hardship and denial of reasonable use of the property.

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Questions raised to Ecology about scientific basis for shoreline “protection”

Posted 7/11/2012

by Pearl Rains Hewett

I submit  this as my SMP comment

With questions directed to

Clallam County DOE Shoreline Specialist Jefferee Stewart

Pearl Rains Hewett Trustee

George C. Rains Estate

Member SMP Advisory Committee

This email is my legal WRITTEN request for WRITTEN answers to my questions from DOE Jeffree Steward and/or, Paula Ehlers and/or Gordon White.

DOE represesentatives have consistently ignored written questions, on WRIA 17-19 SHORELINE INVENTORY AND CHARACTERISTICS REPORT, and The Clallam County SMP Update, asked and requested on the SMP public  comment section on the Clallam County SMP Update wesite.

Jeffree Stewart informed me yesterday 7/10/12 (in front of Steve Gray) that if I want answers to  questions I would have to send him a letter of request. Emails are a legal form of communication.

My other option is DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY REQUEST FOR PUBLIC RECORD  I have the form filled out and ready to email.

I am requesting answers to the following questions to comply with the core principles of Due Process.

DOE SMP taking of private property in Clallam County. Continue reading

DOE SMP PUBLIC SMP COMMENTS FROM 5/31/11 #100 TO 7/02/12 #284



Available on Clallam County SMP website.

All public comments are subject to Public Disclosure.

I will complete the comments on #1 to #99 and document the pros and cons.

Pearl Rains Hewett

·    070212 – RKonopaski – G
·    #284 clarifying the setbacks on marine shorelines?
·    062312 – ESpees – G
·    175-150 + 10 foot setbacks
·    061712 – PHewett – G
·    DOE private meeting
·    061412 – PHewett – G
·    Futurewise and Grays Harbor
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Citizens speak out against DOE “Rule” to govern water

Posted June 30,2012

Sequim, WA – On June 28, 2012, the Washington State Department of Ecology offered citizens a chance to speak out – as required by law – about the proposed Rule to meter wells and require mitigation fees, among other aspects of their plan.  Approximately 300 citizens showed up.  You can read the full story at the Citizen Review Online – Click here:

Proclamation—Recognizing Korean War Remembrance Day June 25, 2012

Proclamation—Recognizing Korean War Remembrance Day June 25, 2012

Clallam County Commissioners June 19, 2012
Howard V Doherty, Jr., Chair
Jim McEntire
Michael C. Chapman


Pictured are:

Mary Reed—-First Lieutenant Army Nurse Corp.
Charles Gagnon—Quartermaster US Navy
Gerald Rettela  Staff Sargent  US Army Military
Donald Clayton  US Marine Corp.
Col. Don Roberts -US Army—-Korean war,  2nd World War and Viet Nam

(Photos by Lois Krafsky-Perry)




June 25, 2012

WHEREAS, The Korean War erupted on June 25, 1950 when the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Army (NPRK-North Korea) invaded the Republic of South Korea (ROK); and

WHEREAS, between June 25 and December 31, 1950,  22,789 US personnel were killed in action,  28,634 were wounded in action, 8,177 missing in action (MIA) and 2,701 died as prisoners of war (POW); and

WHEREAS, battles taking place between June 25 and December 31, 1950 were:  Anju, Bowling Alley, Chonggoko, Chosin Reservoir, Chungju, Chonan, Fungchilin Pass, Han River, Hadong, Hagaru, Hongdam, Hungnam,
Hamhung, Inchon, Kum River, Kunsang, Kunu-ri, Koto-ri, Mason, Nakton-Bulge/Perimeter, Osan, Pusan Perimeter, Pyongang, Sunchon, Sukchow, Sinuju, Suwon, Taejon, Taegu, Usan and Youngsan, and

WHEREAS,  the truce was signed two and a half years later.  The war tenuously ended on July 27, 1953, leaving 33,629 dead with over 2,000 killed during the conflict period following the truce; and

WHEREAS, over 4,000 men died in the prison camps due to frostbite, insect infections, chronic dysentery, pneumonia, acute diarrhea, beriberi, pellagra, starvation, atrocity, and resperitory infections;

WHEREAS, over 4,000 prisoners of war were returned in August 1953 from prison camps at Paks Palace, Kanegge, Sambakol, Changsong, Pyoktong, Chonma, Pukchin, Teksil-li, Suan, and Pongyang,, North Korea; and

WHEREAS, more than 6 million Americans served during the Korean War-122,000 from Washington State; 528 Washington State residents and 6 Clallam County residents were killed in action between 1950 and
1953; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT PROCLAIMED the Board of Clallam County Commissioners hereby declare June 25, 2012 as Korean War Remembrance Day and urge all citizens to join in remembering the thousands of Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice during and after the Korean War.

Signed this nineteenth day of June 2012


Howard V. Doherty, Jr., Chair

Jim McEntire

Michael C. Chapman

What is the economic future of Clallam County?

This is my comment on the Clallam County DOE SMP [Washington State Department of Ecology, Shoreline Management Plan] Update

As Pearl Rains Hewett Trustee of the George C. Rains Sr. Estate
“A Continuing Family Run Business”



The Rains Family has lived in Clallam County for over 90 years.

The private property in the Rains Sr. Trust has been owned and managed
by the Rains family for over 60 years.

The Rains Sr. Trust Clallam County marine and freshwater property, is
described in the DOE SMP Inventory and Characteristic report, as
nearly pristine, it is not contaminated or impaired.

The Rains Sr. Estate includes all trust properties in Clallam County
and is a (IRS) documented, continuing second generation Family Run
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More Information about Smart Meters

More Information about Smart Meters


by Lynn Stuter


Posted 12/31/2011


Recently, an e-mail made the rounds, requesting the names of attorneys with experience in the Smart Grid/Smart Meter fight.  Follows is some information that may be helpful to others in this fight.

Many companies have received federal grants to help defray the costs of installing Smart Meters.  If you have had a Smart Meter installed, did your electric company receive such a grant?

If so, were you given the option of opting out?  Or were you told that the Smart Meter would be installed irrespective of your making it very clear that you did not want it?

16 USC 2621(d)(14)(A) states, with regard to the installation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology (Smart Meters) –

Not later than 18 months after August 8, 2005, each electric utility shall offer each of its customer classes, and provide individual customers upon customer request, a time-based rate schedule under which the rate charged by the electric utility varies during different time periods and reflects the variance, if any, in the utility’s costs of generating and purchasing electricity at the wholesale level. The time-based rate schedule shall enable the electric consumer to manage energy use and cost through advanced metering and communications technology. (underlining for emphasis)

“Shall offer” means just that.  It is up to the consumer to accept or reject the offer.

How do federal grants tie into this fight? Continue reading

Comments on SMP meeting of Nov. 15, 2011

My short form translation of 11/15/11 SMP meeting

The topic of DUE Process of Law and DOE’S page 88 of the Public Trust Doctrine creating law was about the last topic of discussion.
My comment, “I have serious issues with page 88.”
We will be given an opportunity for an hour long discussion with an attorney (of their choice) about this issue.
The Committee is smaller?

Commentary on Wild Olympics Campaign

The George C. Rains Sr. family has lived in Clallam County for over 90 years.
In 1986 my father George C. Rains Sr. owned 3000 acres of land in Clallam County.

Let history speak for it’s self
Our family owned part of Sol Duc Hot Springs and I lived there for 9 years when I was a girl.
60 years ago, Minnie Petersen, my mother and I rode on horseback up to the high Divide and picked blue berries.The Olympic National Park 7 lake Basin was wild enough then.
Our family backpacked to the Olympic National Park 7 Lake Basin 40 summers ago and it was wild enough then.


What a joke, if we have all of the above, the people will come.

In 2008 my son took my 2 grandson’s backpacking to the 7 Lake Basin, RESERVATIONS REQUIRED, restricted designated campsite, no campfires and payment required.
In 2010 my son tried to go backpacking to the 7 Lake Basin with his sons. NO WAY every restricted, limited, designated campsite was FULL. They told him, “If you want to camp in the Olympic National Park high country this is where you can go.” on a million acres of PUBLIC ACCESS LAND?
Our family visited the Olympic Hot Springs Resort in the 60 years ago, before it was destroyed by the National Park Service.
I hiked up to the Olympic Hot Springs Resort 35 years ago with my two nieces, 6 naked hikers, and a primitive pool surrounded with piles of human feces.
Our family lived on Lake Crescent at Barnes Cove for over a year.
Our family spent a summer at Log Cabin Resort when I was 13 years old.
I remember the destruction LaPoel resort, the restaurant and the cabins.
I remember the imminent domain taking of Lake Crescent private homes.
Why was Jack Olsen’s home and land  taken from him and later occupied by Chief Justice Douglas of the United states supreme Court, and he called it his summer home?
CLALLAM COUNTY DOES NOT WANT OR NEED, THE loss OF PUBLIC ACCESS TO PUBLIC LAND, THE LOSS of productive timberlands AND the negative impact on the local economy in Clallam County THAT THE WILD OLYMPICS CAMPAIGN WOULD CAUSE.
Pearl Rains Hewett Trustee
George C. Rains Sr. Estate
235 W. 5th
Port Angeles, WA 98362
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Port Opposes Wild Olympics Campaign

June 22, 2010

On June 14, 2010, the Port of Port Angeles’ Board of Commissioners introduced and unanimously passed a resolution in opposition of the Wild Olympics Campaign.  The Wild Olympics Campaign proposes to expand the boundaries of the Olympic National Park (ONP).

The Port Commission opposes this campaign because the proposed expansion would add approximately 37,000 acres of productive private and Department of Natural Resources land to the ONP.  The Campaign also would convert 145,000 acres of USDA Forest Service Olympic National Forest to Wilderness Designation and create 200 more miles of Wild and Scenic River Designation.

The Commission is concerned about the loss of productive timberlands and the negative impact on the local economy in Clallam County.   The Port’s Executive Director Jeff Robb said, “I encourage all residents of Clallam County to get informed about this campaign and consider the potential impacts to our community and economy.”


Recap of the Nov. 15th, 2011 SMP meeting

as reported by Pearl Rains-Hewitt, member of the Committee

The topic of DUE Process of Law and DOE’S page 88 of the Public Trust Doctrine creating law was about the last topic of discussion.

My comment, “I have serious issues with page 88.”
We will be given an opportunity for an hour long discussion with an attorney (of their choice) about this issue.
The Committee is smaller?
Harry Bell, Jay Pedersen, Karl Spees and I were vocally defending, objecting, enlightening, informing,recommending, suggesting and arguing private property, constitutional rights, scientific procedures and the Shoreline Environmental Designations (SED’S).
Jay Petersen’s public comment on the SED’S was copied and given to us. (Not posted on line?)
He made 4 good points.
1. Prohibited, he prefers conditional use
2. No SED’S on the west end?
3. He supports the existing 35 foot buffer on Lake Sutherland
4. What is exempt should be discussed.
Harry Bell’s made comments about using practical visual and technological judgment on critical areas, slopes and flood plains as done successfully by the logging industry for the last 20 years. (as any reasonable person would)
Questions and comments about the bloated size of DOE flood plains.
Comments from a tribal representative on private property regulations (they are not affected by the SMP)
Someone demanding regulation on Three Crabs private property lots. (that may be considered illegal, unconstitutional or a taking, by WA State Law.)
With regard to the protection of single family residence, the words “Imminent Danger” will be stricken from the Clallam County SMP per Margaret Clancy.
Conspicuous in it’s absence, no mention of the taking of private property for public access.
NO NET LOSS was the a low item on the agenda. (not discussed)
Jim Kramer implied that my SMP comments are/were “What I think” (as opposed to what I document). We argued about what is RULE and what is LAW.
I will keep you informed as to the time and date, so anyone who is interested, and would like to attend the following DOE rationalization meeting may do so.
The topic of DUE Process Law and DOE’S page 88 of the Public Trust Doctrine creating law.
My comment, “I have serious issues with page 88.”
We will be given an opportunity for an hour long discussion with an attorney (of their choice) about this issue. Since Jim Kramer is not an EXPERT on this.
Pearl Rains Hewett Trustee
George C. Rains Sr. Estate
Member SMP Advisory Committee